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I was that badass girl when I was young. Tough and grown up as a heartless woman. For the whole of my life, I thought and everyone also thought that I’m female dominant.

Until that day, it wasn’t love. But something inside me happened. I saw two couples in front of my eyes. He was commanding her and she was so kinky calling him daddy. Something deep inside me moved. Since then I realized that I need a daddy.

And that’s when the search begun….


“thank you, daddy,” I said and I didn’t even know why I called him daddy! I wasn’t sub and he wasn’t my boyfriend either. It was so embarrassing. But I wanted to say it more and more.

I hang up the call immediately. And he called me back. Hesitantly I replied, “yes,…Mr.” I collected myself before slipping the word daddy again.
He blurted out “can you call me, daddy again?”
“mmm.” I hummed confused.
“Ruby? Call me daddy… I want to be your daddy.” he said in sharp tone but not in command. But my heart flutters in my chest all of sudden. I felt so wet down in my panties. It has never happened to me.

I didn’t reply, I was so silent… he commanded me this time “get naked and touch yourself for daddy now, baby girl.”
A vice president and Erotica Novelist, Could they become A Sugar daddy and Baby girl?


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Chapter 13*** no more work!

Chapter 13*** no more work!

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I was shocked when I found myself surrounded by a very elegant old woman and a man looked like ace father and mother.

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