Dark Path to Heaven

HalloweenBox Fantasy

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A demon romance with explicit, violent and very disturbing sex and killing scenes. Only read if you're into twisted love.


Sophia Black is a 29-year-old woman who never found a place that felt like home. Deeply antisocial and bitter about the people who've made her feel like a stranger, she turns to novels to find what she's looking for.
However, her newfound peaceful routine is about to change. It's time for her to prove that she can handle the twisted stories she has always loved reading. She will savor the sweet taste of justice and will observe atrocities with a straight face. The villains won't scare her because she's already prepared.
Sophia has to start over in a new world where she remains a weak human, shielded only by her rationality. Will her wicked passions finally lead her home or will she be consumed by the darkness she loves so much?


Tags: MurderSerial-killerBDSMDarkSexTeleportationPolyamoryBWWMSadisticPsychoTwistedBxG
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Even though I had basically been absent during the Eternal Empire’s initial establishment, I was now certain that the complexity of its transformation into a well-functioning society was unmistakable. Over the first couple of weeks after my awakening there, Orias, Astaroth, and I had our hands full as we drafted the new Law, brainstormed about t……