Their Siren

Emma Ford Romance

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Taking the house sitting job was meant to be a time of solitude and reflection , until artsy human teacher Hannah realizes the super star identical twins whose house she is in aren’t exactly human. Instant attraction is tainted when she is thrust into a millennia of bloodshed between the human race and that of the Preternatural community. The three of them must fight against their own beliefs and species if they are to be together.


Tags: ParanormalDarkLove-trianglePossessivePolyamoryOpposites AttractDominantMillionairePopstarDrama
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Chapter Twenty-Two





My head hurt.

A lot!

Damn Vodka.

It was pretty obvious just by looking at me that I was suffering the mother of all hangovers.  Squinting at myself in the harsh bathroom mirror was torture, actual torture to my eyes and brain.

I was never drinking again.