Marked Under Blood Moon

Blackmoon Vampire/Werewolf

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Black wolves are found dead in the darkest of the nights while the blood of the brown wolves painted the woods red. The days are no longer the same and the nights are no longer safe. The wolves are no longer safe.

To protect their packs from the unknown enemy, the elders of the various wolf packs go to the Moon God Continent after several thousands of years to request help from the very people who they betrayed in the past, i.e; the aloof white wolves of the Blood Moon Pack.


As the princess of the Blood Moon Pack, Adele Night finds herself in a difficult position when the alphas of the various packs request her help. Though angry at their past betrayal, she agrees to help them. For the first time in the ancient history, the white wolves enter the human world.

Though she fails to detect the enemies she prepares to take all the wolves from the human world as she feels that the world is no longer safe. And after thousands of years, the Black and Brown wolves prepare to return to their home, the ancient lands of the Moon God Continent.

Just when she thinks that everyone is safe, Adele finds herself targeted by the hidden enemy and can she fight the unknown?

In the midst of all conspiracies and fights, can she bear the love and passion of a certain handsome rogue?


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⚜ Decisions ⚜

After returning back from the Night Woods, several meetings took place before the alphas came to a final decision. After several heated debates, they decided to follow the First Wolves.

Though the decision was unexpected, it did not bring much unrest among the normal wolves. After the display of magic by the First Wolves, nothi……