Summer Camp KILLER!

Vampire Whore Suspense/Thriller

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It's nearly Summer!

Sarah''s parents own a summer camp, and this was going to be the first year she had been roped into working there. Luckily, All of Sarah's friends had managed to secure a job at the camp too. Even with them all working, It looks like the holidays are going to be good... Even better when a bunch of hot guys show up, looking to forget the sorrow that is currently plaguing their lives.

Unbeknown to any of them, There is a storm on its way, and with it, it's bringing possible Love, Lust.. and terror.

There is only one way in or out of the camp; The main road... What's gonna happen with everyone realises that the storm has blocked the road and they're left in the middle of nowhere, at an empty campsite.. with a dangerous person lurking in the woods, waiting for their time to strike?...

Suspense/ Thriller / Horror / Romance!


Tags: MurderRevengeSerial-killerStalkerGangSexFriends to LoversSunshineParanoidTragedy
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Chapter Fifteen

Sarah's P.O.V

The silence was uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable. I just don't understand where all that just came from. Not him, Me. OK, Yes, he's married and that totally goes against what I believe in. I have always thought, If a man has got a wife or if he's got a girlfriend, then there a no-fly zone, but, Being here now, I……