Scandalous Wedding

Ponugupati Dhruthi Suspense/Thriller

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She knew that this marriage was nothing but a business deal. A deal which she had to agree to, upon obligation. For her parents, family legacy and of course the million dollar business empire. She knew he didn't love her, he didn't desire her, there were probably millions of other willing women he took home daily. And she also knew what kind of a man-slut he is, but still, she couldn't help it.
Falling for her husband.
He didn't want to give up his bachelorhood yet. He was too young for that. He didn't need a wife, or a marriage, never did and never will. He didn't believe in 'one woman man' concept. But he couldn't help it. Whenever she smiled at him, or the way her eyes light up every time he did something minimalist for her. Her kindness, childishness, her pure heart, everything pulled him towards her like a magnet. He was falling for her. Hard.
Though there was love, fire and passion, they couldn't bring themselves to each other. Why? What's the reason they couldn't embrace each other?
Read the story to find out.


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Chapter 28

Eli looked up from his mobile, waiting for his best friend to come. They were currently at the airport, waiting to leave for his honeymoon. "Where the hell are you, man?" he muttered under his breath, tapping his feet impatiently on the ground. 

"How long?" Sang asked looking impatient

"Why don't you go into the airport and buy some ……