Billionaire's First Love

Ramya Suresh Romance

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Smart, handsome and rich playboy, girls beg for his attention...


Reserved girl, works in a cafe and has a very dark past...

Fate plays a game. what happens when mason fall in love with Amy who always gives a cold shoulder???? What happens when mason learns about Amy's dark past????

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He crashed his lips on mine... i froze because i don't know how to kiss... he left my lips and whispered... kiss me back baby girl he said... i felt my cheeks hot in shy and i said i don't know how to kiss...

No problem baby girl i am here to teach u just follow my lead and again he crashed his lips on mine and i tried to mimic him... i felt butterflied in my stomach and electrified in his touch... he left my lips and start to kiss my jawline and neck

I want you baby girl.... i love you so much baby girl... i love you.... i froze... he loves me... Mason love me... i am so happy and afraid at the same time...


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