The Vampire Hunter

Louise Brown Vampire/Werewolf

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Leila Taylor is on the run with her family. What are they running from exactly? Vampires. In fact, they are the first ever vampires to be created. Old and powerful, the Taylor family are running for their lives.

Now in England, Leila tries to fit in with everyone else. She's going to college and doing her best to create a normal life for herself, but there is something stopping her from doing so.

Lloyd Dallesandro is different, as Leila grows to learn more about him and his brother Baelan, she learns his biggest secret. But will she stick around long enough to understand he isn't like anyone else?


Tags: MurderVampireForbiddenLove-triangleKidnapFriends to LoversHighschoolBadboyGoodgirlBxG
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Chapter Sixteen

I put the letter down and sat on the end of my bed. Was this really happening? My own family had left me. I mean, they were coming back for me. But if they want me to defend myself, it would've been useful to have left me a defence weapon or two. So it was up to me and Baelen to save Lloyd. Us versus the four most powerful vampires alive. That s……