Her Secret

Marolinda Mjk Lokboj Teen fiction

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Lina was your average high school teenager. She's an honor student with great goals ahead of her. What happens if the most popular yet egotistical jerk finds out something that nobody at her school knows about? Lina may look like a regular girl, but she has her secrets too.


Tags: One-night StandPregnantHighschoolBadboyStudentSingle MotherDrama
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Broken Trust And Empty Promises

Chapter 17

(Monday Morning) 
I look like a zombie! I'm absolutely sleep deprived. Here I am at school a half an hour early so I can catch up on some missing quizzes and tests. 


I am fully awake by the sudden noise. It seem to come from the lockers. Curiosity has gotten the best of me. (A/N if I were ……