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The Intergalactic Market, Virgo Supercluster Division has just included Earth into the Civilizations Catalogue and with it, made it possible for people on the planet to access both the space and body realocation networks. The condition? People desiring to use the system have to form relationship contracts with some very willing but vastly different alien races.


Tags: Contract MarriageTeleportationReincarnationTime-travelLove after MarriageKarma/DestinyBody ExchangeSecond ChanceOuter SpaceArranged Marriage
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A Luna from Another World

King Landor of the Lycan Planet located 3000 light years from Earth bowed to the Intergalactic Market councilperson in the projector knowing that this meeting would change his life and that of his people like nothing had done since the Great Awakening.  When his people linked themselves to the market network aeons ago, a lot of things had change……