Secret Love

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Sarah's brother was dying because he had a tumor on his head. She needed to find a job for his brother's operation. His best-friend Jake suggested her to work for his father's friend, Leo Fraser, one of the richest guy in the world as a maid. Simon, the real son of Leo, took interest towards her but Sarah didn't know that he was getting married to someone in three months. They spent some time together until she'd also fallen in love with him. Little did they know that someone became obsessed towards Sarah and the fiance of Simon will do anything to ruin their relationship. As the story unfolds more unsolved cases, no one knows if Sarah and Simon would even end up together. Will they manage to keep their relationships stronger or will it fade like a fire and turn into a smoke.


Tags: Love-triangleKidnapFamilyKarma/DestinySecond ChanceArranged MarriageManipulativeDramaComedySweet
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Chapter Forty Five

Claire's POV 

"I can't believe it worked!" I told the ‘Black hole’ on the phone, acting as if I was surprised but I wasn’t.

"Of course it will work, I told you patience is the key, now you get the man of your dreams and I get mine." He laughed wickedly over the phone. “Now all you need ……