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"Come on, pet. You're so worthless... I won't bother giving you a name," her voice sexy as hell as he was lost in it, her gaze, he was under his spell as he gave himself up.
“You know? Having a boss like you it's starting to irritate me" he said. She was looking at him with lust in her eyes, smelling that strong cologne on his body.
" My love, it'll be over before you know," she said putting the tip of the dildo on his tight entrance.
" Please don't," the boy whimpered and immediately got a slap.
" Do not deny what's mine," she growled and thrust in him in a swift move.
The poor virgin screamed on top of his lungs. He couldn't bear the pain.
" Take it out, please it hurts. Take it out," he begged helplessly but the devil didn't care about his whimpers and pleadings.
She took out the length and shoved it in him again with more force.
He laid there screaming while she satisfied the beast ide her on his hard rock body.
" You are mine," she said biting his bruised lips.
" I know," he mumbled.


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