It All Started With A Locker

AfiyaEdwards123 Teen fiction

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"What the hell you're doing here?!"

I stop and turn around.


"This is my locker, now scram", he hisses.

"But this is my locker as well", I mumble.


Meet Trish West, the school's shy girl and geek who wears fake glasses. She is bullied and harass everyday by jocks and the mean girls.

Enter school bad boy Hunter Mc Coy. He clearly doesn't give a flying fish about anything, drives a motorbike, is in a gang and lands in jail every other day.

What happens when these two opposite people have to share a locker for a semester?

Trouble that's for sure.

What will happen after bumping into each other everyday? Will they ignore each other? Feelings arise?

You read to find out.


This book wouldn't be so cliche and will have a little twist in it.


Tags: GangKidnapOpposites AttractHighschoolBadboyNerdGoodgirlStudentGangster
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Hunter POV

"I'm here, now the party can start", Spencer announces as I open the front door.

"It's not a party, just dinner", I remind him.

"Why did I brought this?" He shows me the bottle of wine.

"Thanks, man", Matthew grabs the bottle and went to the dining table.

"I'm here……