Of Wolves and Dragons- Book Two


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This is continuation of Book one of "Of Wolves and Dragons."
Isaac POV-
I hear a noise from my left. A door opens and Zach comes out of it.
“No one said that this place was going to be creepy.” I say.
“Yea, it’s eerie here.” Zach says.
“Where to now?” I ask.
He shakes his head. “I don’t know, we just walk till we find Luke... hopefully it will be Luke.”
(I really don’t like the way he said that.)
We start walking and there are many doors in theses halls. We open some of them and they are all bedrooms. All of them look the same, same decoration, same furniture, the furniture is even at the same spot in every room. We decide to stop checking the rooms but we call out for Luke as we go.
It seems like a few minutes pass but then I catch a scent. I cover my nose feeling nauseous.
“What is it?” Zack asks.
“Something smells horrible. It’s like something rancid.” I gag feeling like I am about to throw up.
We go around a corner and that’s when we see it. A horrifying humanoid looking creature.
Me and Zack look at each other with wide eyes and then look back at the creature. We take a few steps back and hide behind the corner wall.
“What the hell is that?” I mouth out to Zack.
“I have no idea.” He whispers not sounding so sure.
We start walking back but then we hear someone running through the halls. We see Luke come from the corner running looking panicked and out of breath. He runs in the direction of the creature and comes to an abrupt stop when he sees him. The creature, as if it was activated by the sound, moves its arms and swings at Luke.
We watch in horror...


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Chapter Twenty One

-Zach POV- 

A shattering screech kind of scream pierces trough my ear. Everyone stops and look at the direction of where it comes from. Victoria, she crouches in front of two unmoving bodies. 

My eyes go wide as I recognize Luke and Isaac. 

She gives another eardrum shattering sc……