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Taehyung is the crown prince of the kingdom of Virtus. His father, King Baek II is on the deathbed and his only wish before dying is that his son finds a wife or a husband as soon as possible. For this purpose, a selection among all the young singles of the kingdom has been decided. 
Jungkook is a poor peasant, living only with his mother who suffers from a very serious illness. To help her getting cured, he will present himself to the selection, hoping to be among the royal family.


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Hoseok was peacefully reading a book in his chambers. He was more than relieved now that he divorced the Prince. He was not a royalty anymore, but the King insisted on him staying in the castle.

When Kai came back from the Wolf Castle, he didn't hesitate on signing the divorce papers. He knew Hoseok was not ready to change his mind no matt……