His only love

Patricia Mills Romance

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When Audra's mum dies, she goes back home, even knowing she would finally have to face his first love, Chris – who’s also his foster brother. After what it appears to have been a pretty painful breakup, they’ve been avoiding each other over the past 11 years.
But will the pain of the loss bring them back together?
Or would the bad memories be too much?

The journey from here only gets more eventful, when her mum leaves a surprise condition on her will that would turn Audra’s life around.


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*Audra’s point of view – Past*

Once we were all inside we locked the door. My mom stayed close to the window, keeping an eye out. She put the rifle down but still near reach, in case. For the first time, she turned her attention to us.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t come out before. I heard shouting and laughing and I saw you playing ……