A Girl Nobody Wanted

SansaR Romance

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Nobody wants her. She lives just to get bullied and humiliated. She has no one by her side, no one to protect her, no one to listen to her. But something happens and her life turns upside down. She is no more the girl whom nobody cares. She is just going to be loved more than any girl can dream...


Tags: BillionaireCampusLove-trianglePossessiveForcedArrogantBullyNerdFootball PlayerDramaBxGBxB
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"You must learn to stand up for your self. This must be the last time someone forced you to do something" I was staring at his message, for God knows how long. I was happy that he finally replied, but he seems still angry. 

It was a command, not a request. He must be pissed off. 

I knew the main reason for all my problems i……