His to Teach (B/B Student/Teacher) finished


Sheryl McGrew LGBT+

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Eric Stevens is gay and just came out to his parents who kicked him out. Follow along as he comes out to his friends and falls for someone that society says he shouldn't.
Meet Mr Becker. After a unique meeting and subsequently finding out that the boy who just knocked the crap out of him is dealing with coming out and homophobes he feels like it's his responsibility to help him through it all.
Eric is his to teach.
As you can tell this story is going to be BoyxBoy and yeah Student/Teacher with some ists. It's rated R and will most likely have some frisky naughtyness in it. Cause thats just how I roll ;)
Like, love it, or hate it vomment and let me know! As always I appreciate you taking the time to read my stories and hope you like the characters as much as I do.


Tags: BDSM
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Eric's Pov:

I took my place at the podium and discreetly cleared my throat to begin my valedictorian's speech. I leaned forward resting my elbows on the stand and stared out at all my peers and their families and friends. I looked down at my note cards ready to begin my long and eloquent speech. As I opened my mouth looking back at ……