I'm in Love with my Little Sister

Lobo Menina Romance

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Damon has always loved his stepsister, Logan but this love is not sibling love. He's known since age 6. Shutting her out of his life only makes his love for her grow as she tries to get back in. So running away from his feelings, he moves to live with his dad at 11.

After being away for 9 years, staying with his father till age 18 and joining the army for an extra two years, he comes home to find out the biggest secret yet. Will Damon fight to keep Logan or will he let her go?


Tags: FamilySystemKarma/DestinyGoodgirlGentleStepbrotherSweetBxG
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Chapter One

“Damon!” The sounds of my mother’s voice fill my ears as I step into the busy airport. At first, I’m unsure if that voice did belong to my mother but I hear my mother scream my name from the crowds of the busy airport. I try and spot my mother in the crowds but fail to do so. It wasn’t until I heard my name again from the same angelic voice.