Masked Wife.

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Tiffany Carter is a wife of a billionaire Brenden Carter.
They have been happily married from the past four years but what will happen if one day she got bumped into a childhood lover in a bar and ever since then she walk on a wrong path and betrayed her husband, spending the night with other men every night, fulfilling her pleasure.


Tags: BillionaireBDSMLove-trianglePossessiveSexOne-night StandDominantProstituteDramaBxG
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Game Over.

"I haven't told you my name,yet." Tiffany said unaware.
"Oh yea? But I already know it." Shawn said with a grin on his face.
Tiffany did not notice as she was too drunk to pay attention on his evil smirk.
As she stepped forward and put a hand on his chest, he quickly jerked it off saying, "Don't! I can't betray my best friend. Even t……