The Masked Wife.

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Tiffany Carter is a wife of a billionaire Brenden Carter.
They have been happily married from the past four years but what will happen if one day she got bumped into a childhood lover in a bar and ever since then she walk on a wrong path and betrayed her husband, spending the night with other men every night, fulfilling her pleasure.


Tags: BillionaireLove-trianglePossessiveSexOne-night StandDominantProstituteDramaBxG
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Wedding Anniversary.

"Mr. Carter.." the bright smile of the woman showed her halo-white teeth.

"Tiff..." he smiled back walking forward towards her.

The name is Tiffany Carter, probably in her mid twenties, she's the sexiest and prettiest woman in high society.

The wife of Brenden Carter, she appeared in fashion magazines also with the description ……