The Choosing Game

Tweety Bird Royal Romance

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The royal decree states that 'on every prince's 25th birthday the choosing ceremony must be held in his honor. Nine girls from the must eligible and noble families will be selected to participate in hopes of becoming his bride and the next queen of Arindele.

Prince Alexeviar of Arindele is faced with a choice of having to pick one out of nine beautiful girls. But how does one do that? And what if the one that intrigues him the most doesn't want to be there?

Lady Lillianna used to be a carefree girl. Until the incident that built up walls around her heart. She doesn't believe in love and certainly doesn't believe in the choosing.


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Alex's POV:

"Snipers are you in position?" Agent W asked through the radio. He is the head of the tactical team that the Duke assigned for this, apparently they were Elms's finest.

"Snipers are in position"' one of the two snippers replied through the radio.

"Beta team, are you in position?" Agent W asked the beta team which……