Alpha Doctors for Mate (Romano Series #3)

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"Do you want to join the party Alpha?" She teased while batting her eyes at him but noticed that his jaw was clenched tight. He stalked towards her with no expression on his face.

"Only if I get to punish that mouth of yours omega" He smirked and his arms came around her waist.

She noticed that Erik shuffled towards the bed. She opened her mouth to answer but before that Evan closed the distance between their lips and claimed her mouth.

Her eyes shut at that and moan ripped from her lips as he furiously started sucking on her lips. She wound her arms around his neck, her body plaint and lithe. Without breaking the kiss he felt him lift her off the ground so the omega had no choice but to wrap her legs around his hips.

Aniya groaned into his mouth as she felt his hard cock digging against her stomach. The omega felt him walk so she instantly tightened her grip on him.

"Let's put that mouth to use baby, hmm?" He asked in a low voice and then threw her on the bed.


Erik and Evan Romano twins are the most well known doctors in Zen town. They are young, wild, carefree and definitely not looking for a mate. But Moon isn't on their side.

Enter Aniya Martin. She has secrets. Secrets that may threaten her relationship with her mates.

After surviving the fire incident that killed her entire family she is out for revenge against Romano clan not knowing two of them are her mates.

Secrets don't remain secrets for a long time and these may make or break their bond.



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10. The suspicious Alpha

/Evan's POV/

Evan let his eyes wander around and frowned when he did not find his brother. Where did he go? He looked over at the dance floor but he couldn't find anything. The Alpha let his eyes scan for the omega and his lips thinned when he noticed that she was missing as well.

"Is there any chance you have seen my brother?……