Only His

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Jayce is used to woman giving him what he wants, letting him be the dominant one, he prefers it that way and has never came across anyone who refuses him...until her....the smart-ass virgin with a dirty mouth and a mind to match...the first woman to ever tell him no...the first woman to ever walk away from him but that only makes him want her more...he is gonna make her only his, no matter what it takes.

Freya is unlike any other woman he has came across, she won't give into him that easily no matter how much she wants him. He wants her? He needs to chase her, Freya makes sure he knows that but there is only so much running you can do before you get caught.


Tags: BillionairePossessiveSexSpankingOpposites AttractArrogantDominantSubmissiveGoodgirlDrama
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"We need to talk...Now."

Freya’s P.O.V

Jayce has not been in touch since I walked away from him yesterday, the last text I got from him was moments after I left. I had not bothered contacting him either. I done what I done cause I need to keep some control of this situation…control of myself when I am around him and a part of me is also doing it cause he is used ……