Creatures of the Night

Stella Purple Paranormal

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(Book #1 of The Creatures Series)

Arsene left them ─ the group of friends that she has been with since she was a toddler ─ so she could save a young girl from the danger that always followed them; but it was no use. Wherever they went, they were always haunted by enemies of the past; until the child she was supposed to protect died under her witness.

Losing her purpose in life, Arsene once again encounters her old friends, but everything has changed. Not just their appearances, but also how they feel. Only one remains: love. They still love her, and she still cares for them. The only thing that stops them from their sweet reunion is their group leader, Shara, whose anger prevents them from letting Arsene back into the group.

But fate has its own way of reconnecting the team. New dark forces are allying to destroy the peace that Arsene’s friends have tried to keep during the past two years - a peace that she used to protect, too. And to stop it, they will have to reunite once again and face the evil lord that threatens to disrupt the supernatural world.


Tags: MurderCultDarkTeleportationGhostKickass HeroineHarry PotterDramaBxG
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Twentieth Night

Twentieth Night

Creatures of the Night

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##### Twentieth Night #####


An evil shadow is hiding behind the moonlight, carving its way out unnoticed by a single soul.

"Did you see her today?" A tenor voice asks.