✔ Scars. (Book One) ✔

Vampire Whore Romance

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Life was great for Katie Walker. She had amazing friends, Nice Siblings and the most perfect Boyfriend any girl could wish for! Or so it would seem. From the outside looking in, Katie and her boyfriend, James, are happy and completely in love, and that's true... most of the time. James has an alcohol problem, and when he's drunk, he beats Katie.

Did I mention James was an Up-and-Coming world-famous Rockstar? No? Well, he is! and it was the weekend of a Music festival that Katie began to have enough of the way James treats her.

What happens when you throw a much nicer guy into the mix that has an interest in Katie..and happens to be one of James close friends?

Well, Trouble, Duh!


Tags: ForbiddenGangLove-trianglePossessiveSexFriends to LoversDominantBullyBandDrama
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