Thirst of power

Shravani Bhattacharya Royal Romance

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"he's your elder brother!The rightful heir of the kingdom. "

He turned around furious. His eyes glowing red and his hands itching to silence that voice forever. "The king would never choose you as his heir! "

'Now that's enough! ' his rugged fingers from fighting many wars now gripped the handle to his sword. 'He had had enough of this unruly man.'

"prince Chandra! " the minister spoke up.

"You could be the heir to the throne, if there's no elder brother to claim it anymore."

A silence so poignant settled into the room that it became impossible to breathe, before the fool spoke again. "And how's prince Chandra supposed to kill his own brother? He has been kicked out of the palace already. Had no army to back him up and rarely any source of income except the looted money from the nearby villages. " before the idiota's head is disjunctioned from the rest of his body and starts to reel on the floor. The minister spoke again. "I know a way to overcome these problems."

"The sole heiress of Rai chand's....Their coal mines, the business of diamonds could solve all our set backs."

"But why would they give all that to us?"this time it was the prince.
"Because you would marry their only daughter. "
she ran down the steps of her home in a frenzy, her bridal attire swishing across the floor when she reached the aisle where her wedding was going to take place.

She cried looking around. It was all red! The floor to the ceiling! And the numerous lifeless bodies that lay around, her soon to be husband one of them.

"It's time for us to get married darling! "The war monger prince grinned at her, clasping her hand.


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