Mate's Secret Identity (COMPLETED)


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Agnes Shankoff is a girl with many hidden secrets, her past, her family everything seemed to be unknown even to closest of her friends.
“Agnes, Lucas, Jane and Arthur you four are to go to other Dimension where a spirit gate is about to open. You guys have to be careful; we are getting high energy signature "
“Sir, we sure will but it will be dangerous for Agnes”
“Miss Jane, I did not ask for your opinion”
Agnes narrowed her eyes at the man as her three friends left leaving her as she wanted to talk to the PRINCIPLE directly. She bounced her Jack-in-the-box looking at him, as the man looked at her with wide eyes. Sweat tickled down as he could feel a blade on his neck, just a little turn his head would be off.
“I do not like being ordered around, my dad must have told you that”
The man apologized in a low tone fearing his head might get cut off. Agnes bounced jack-in-the-box high as it vanished in thin air. The man breath in relief thanking the blade has been taken away from his neck.
Xavier has been looking for his mate for years now, being a King of the strongest kingdom does not help with being mate less.
He shouted in head as he ran towards the smell but the power coming from the same direction made him tremble, this is too much power and his mate might get harmed.
He stopped as he saw a girl standing with a scythe in her hand as blade of the scythe rested on her neck blood dripping down the blade. He looked at hundreds of dead, dead witches, he looked back again at the girl, this girl is his mate!!!!


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