Not Even Human


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Kimberly Sung-Moors had a rough childhood. Her dad was abusive, her mother had disappeared, and her sister barely even seemed to notice. At sixteen, she decided she had enough and ran away. It was when she was among other people that she realized she wasn’t human. She didn’t know what she was, just that she had to have blood.

Two years later in a new city, in a new high school with the help of her friend Detective Fernandez, she discovers a whole underground society of the paranormal. Clans of vampires, covens of witches, packs of werewolves, and hybrids in between. Now on a journey of new self-discovery, Kim must decide whether to run away again, or finally face the past as she finds herself in what she now feels is her new home.

Content warning: contains mature scenes that include sexual activity, curse words, and/or violence.


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Chapter Thirteen

“Wait. Wait. You kissed Monica? And told Victoria without telling me?”

I had dragged Gabriel away from prying ears and eyes after twenty minutes of insufferable mingling and dancing. We were on a whole different door completely now, and I begrudgingly nodded at his questioning.

“And why didn’t you tell me sooner?”