The Ignored Feelings


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Asher Lewis Stones is the CEO and future hire of LEVIS Inc. The only grandson of Eleanor Lewis. He is 26 years old and from New York.
With the looks and a body of a Greek god Asher has it all. Women wish to date him and men wish they were in his place.
Apart from his only family, his grandma(Eleanor Lewis) and his dad(Wilfred Stones), he only thinks of two things, money and s*x.
Asher being well-aware of the female attention he gets, use it to fulfill his desires. But what Asher does not like is commitment. For him its only about the pleasure he gets and leaves the women after his desires are fulfilled.
Siya Relish a average middle class girl moves to New York from Truckee, California for her first job after graduation. She is 21 years old and likes to be independent and bit religious. She has no experience in any romantic relationships, what-so-ever. she believes in one love one life policy, so she is waiting for the love of her life.
What will happen when destiny decides them to meet?
Will Siya be able to tame Asher?
Will Asher give Siya a chance?

Come lets find what happens in Asher's and Siya's life.....

Started on-24th August 2020


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Chapter 52

Asher’s POV:

After Ray left my office room, I went back to my work. I picked the documents that Ray had kept on the table. The document was the one that will be useful for the next meeting. the document contained all the necessary things that will be discussed in the meeting. I just had to read this and then listen to the managers to expla……