He Abducted Me Again

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Shane is now known as the rutheless king of werewolves. He was not what he is now. Everything changed when he came to face the reality that he was hiding from. Before becoming a werewolf he was a normal guy with passion of become a doctor with addiction for music and love for his lady love. But circumstances changed. He was forced to leave his love of life due to his alpha title. And now after 3 years he again met her, only to know the truth that she is his mate. He is confused about the pairing. But knowing about his mate that too his love, he is not going to leave her at any cost and he is ready to kidnap her if situation demands.

Shelly has now only one thing in her mind, her profession. She has been through a lot. Backstabbing from friends, brake up from her boyfriend who without any reason left her. She was mocked by her own friends for her betrayal from her love. She is angry with him for his sudden absence. She misses him a lot. Before falling in love with him she was a tomboy. Failing in love with him changed everything. She was a lost puppy in front of him. But when he left her she thought he was just playing around with her and was not ready to deal with it. Now she is doctor. After her internship in medicine she is doing her senior residency. She don't want any drama in her life. But she is wrong. The only person she never want to run into is behind her claiming her as his mate. How she deny the love for him, deep down she still loves him.

Lets get into the life of Shane and Shelly..


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Chapter 55

he was slowly walking towards me with caution trying not to scare me anymore than he already had done. each step he took towards me the faster my heart went out of fear of what he would do to me and that caused my gunshot wound to bleed more.

"calm down Dixie your fine i'm not going to do anything trust me i just want to help with your wou……