Kathryn Fuller Fantasy

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Born a healer.
Betrayed by family.
Beast unleashed.

As a child, Aliyah’s mother was murdered. Aliyah is raised by her father to despise the creatures that killed her – wolves. Created as a weapon to seek revenge, her mission – annihilate the soon-to-be Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack.

Just months from his 18th birthday, Ryder is eager to find his mate and take his place as Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. When a new girl arrives at the academy escorted by his nemesis Carter, he can’t help but feel the rumblings of protectiveness. Like a moth to a flame, Ryder the soon-to-be-Alpha of the Blood Moon pack is drawn in by the new girl at the Academy but can't put his finger on why.

When the assassin known as the Masked Bandit arrives in town with their next target in sight, will this witch's dagger strike true or will fate have other plans.


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