Captivating the Uncrowned Prince

Camilla Eldridge Romance

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I was about to move out from the bed, when I realize
I was all n**d! I grabbed the thin white bedding and wrap it around me. "Where are my clothes?!" I was frustrated. Aching and n**d body? God! Did I just...?

"Your clothes are out in the laundry. Just use my
clothes first" the voice startle me. A white man with perfectly chiseled abs and handsome face with...nothing but towel. Uh-oh. I think he's...

"Eyes up Miss" he said, he was drying his hair and I
was red as tomato!

Did I lose my virginity to him? He's hot I know...but...ugh!

"What happened?" I hissed.

He stopped drying his hair and tilt to look at me.
He frowned, "You do not remember?" he asked.

"Can't you feel anything strange to yourself?" That's
it! I slapped him hard. "How dare you take advantage of a drunk woman!" I shouted.

"What if I get pregnant? Or worse have a disease?!
Are you not thinking?! Did you use protection? Or never did mind my health at all you pervert man!"

He was holding on his side of the face, the side I
slapped, he was shooting glares at me while my shoulders raised up and down because of the anger I felt.

He looked straight to my eyes, that was the only
time I saw his handsome face-clearly. "We
 did not had s*x" he emphasized every word.


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