Diamond in the Rough


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Ella had always been a nobody, and she had resigned herself to that fate. Her only goal was to escape senior high with satisfactory grades so that she could get into the college of her dreams and become a licensed veterinary doctor in the future. Math was in the way of her dreams, and in a stroke of luck, she was able to get the popular basketball ace, Patrick Rosales, to tutor her. He became her first friend, but he had an agenda of his own: to be closer to her beautiful and popular cousin, Jasmine. Ella then must learn how to navigate the last year of her senior high school, but it was not going to be easy for a nobody who is more used to dealing with animals than other people. It was harder when she suddenly found herself falling in love with such an unattainable man.


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Three Years Later...

Ella woke up to a barrage of kisses being peppered all over her face. Oh, he was doing it again… That was Anthony’s favorite way of waking her up, and although she wanted to be annoyed by having her sleep cut off, she couldn’t really stay mad when he was being cute like this. S……