Electra of Atlantis

J. L. Smith Fantasy

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"Love is what made human kind weak, or don't you know your mythology?"

I watched her slink like water around the room, each of her movements fluid. She picked up the little knick-knacks I had around the cottage, scrutinizing them in the most unusual way. Her golden hair fell in waves around her shoulders and back, reflecting every piece of light as crystal would.

Jack Cooper thought all hope was lost when his boat capsized while on open water. Miraculously, he made it to shore, accompanied by an out of breath, beautiful girl, who has yet to reveal her identity to him.

Mysterious as she is cunning, Jack tries little by little to uncover the secrets of this temptress that has dropped into his lap...

Little does he know that it will change the course of his life forever.


Tags: forbiddenbadgirlprincessmermaid/mermenWriting Challengebxgmythologyroyalmagical world
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