Hurt of The Heartless

Arya katyayan Romance

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I love you
Can you please love me too?
~ yuvika

Come on baby, warm my bed
Don't ask me to love you back
~ Siddhart

"Baby, wake up. See I made breakfast for you," she said while caressing his hair. He woke up.

"You, what are you doing here ?" He shouted.

"What do you mean love ?"

"What I mean is that you are supposed to leave this house ?"

"But why ?" She asked innocently.

"Because there is no place for you in my house ."

"Why ? Have I done any mistake? "

" The mistake is mine. To marry you was the biggest mistake but to taste you was the biggest achievement. " He said while pointing towards his love bite on her body.

Meet Siddhart Malhotra . 26 years old ruthless and arrogant businessmen. He loves to hurt people. For him, love is a game. He loves to see people in pain.

Now meet yuvika Sharna. A loving 21 years old girl. A fashion designer by profession. A caring and sweet girl. But what if when she falls in love with the ruthless Siddhart Malhotra?

After making love on the first night he threw her like she never exists.

Will he stop there? How much he can do to hurt the innocent soul yuvika?

And what is the reason for his hatred? Read the story to find out.


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Chapter- 5

Yuvika's pov :

I was busy doing my work when I heard a call. It was of Sid. I pick it up. Before I could say something, he cut me off by saying that Bhai had an accident.

My whole body starts shaking. I am nothing without my brother.

"Sid , you are joking, right? "

"Why the hell will I joke?"&……