Built For Sin


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Seerat Bajwa,a enty-one years old Indian girl has never imagined even in her wildest dreams that she'll meet the British Rockstar Asher Coll,let alone be her nanny. But Destiny had other plans. So they meet,they argue,they taunt,they fight,they like,they lo... Oh will they fall in love too or Destiny has some other plans?
Past o years had been rough on Asher Coll. He had lost his fiancee to his friend as well as Grammy,his best friend betrayed him. He overdosed on drugs,that landed him in rehab and his career in sink—as his manager and agent likes to say. So Now he's back,on a world tour Trying to revive his career, trying to win back his award as well as his fiancee back. But there's a problem— Asher couldn't get a hold on himself around drugs. So his team hires him a nanny, who's not a quitter like others. He tries to push her away for all the hell he wants,but she persists. But then things change beeen them. And As the time progresses,Asher gets to know he also couldn't think straight when he's around his nanny. So does Asher gets the ‘girl of his dreams’ or in this case,we can say ‘Girl of his songs’ ?
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He gently nibbled on her ear,a moan escaping from Seerat's lips. “ I'm turned on now as well. f**k,you are making me feel as a teenager in the high school, Snowflake. But—” He turned her towards himself, “ —Don't feel you need to do something,as tonight, we'll not do anything,as I know today has been already enough for you. And I don't want to make you mine,when your thoughts are wandering off somewhere else.” He gently pecked her lips and leaned away, looking her in the eye, “ As when I make you mine, Only I should be on your mind. Only me. Only us. No one else.”


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Chapter 32

“The song was awesome! When did you write it? Why didn't you tell me about it? I mean,when, how?”Barry asked, feeling overwhelmed.

“Umm... I wrote it a few days back... I just wanted to see how it sounds. I didn't really know,how will it come out. I mean, you know it,it...” stuttered Asher, trying to find words.

“It was... Different.……