A Biker’s Love

Vivian A.D Other

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1st book in the Callaghan series.

Meet the Callaghan Brothers, the hottest and sexiest men dominating the town of Shadow creek.

Follow the story of the oldest Brother. Drew Callaghan.

Drew, the dangerous and Sexy Leader of the town's well known biker's gang, finds love in the most unexpected woman— Rachel Davies; the only daughter of the sheriff.

Will the duo be able to resist the sparks of attraction set off whenever they are in close proximity with each other? Find out in this romance and suspense packed novel.


Tags: New AdultRomanceSuspensePregnancy
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Rachel's POV.

"Mummy Darren told me to go to hell!" Doris screamed bursting into our bedroom.

"Hey shush... you'll wake papa up,” I said to her and she pouted with crossed……