The Contract


T.C. Bosarge Romance

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21-year-old Logan is on the run when she is run over by a mysterious man one night. When she awakes, she finds herself hurt and fearing that she has nowhere to go. The only person with her is a handsome guy. Before she can ask who he is, he confesses to hitting her with his car. Shocked, she wants nothing to do with him until he offers her a way off the streets. Work for him in his home in exchange for her silence. What could possibly go wrong...or right?


Tags: billionairepossessiveopposites attractplayboyarrogantbadboybossdramabxg
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Thirty two

On the morning of the fast forwarded wedding, I awake in a hotel bed alone. Blinking a bit, the light shining in the curtains hits my eyes causing me to squint. Still tired, I had been up late thinking a lot about this wedding and Demetri. During my little bachelorette party, between the police stripper Mindy ordered and pin the penis on the hun……