Obsessed Alpha King

Bosy Elselhdar Romance

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She was his mate but he denied his heartbeats because she was human... He didn't know that destiny ists to make their paths collide again and again.

He was nothing but a cold man, eager only for elder women. Simply he was a one-night stand businessman who didn't want to get involved in something ridiculous called love.
But Sheila was something else, she was feisty, a beautiful black girl with green eyes that could melt the ice in just snap of her fingers.
but... she was his partner daughter.

One mistake with her in bed made him obsessed and chasing her everywhere she goes.
"I think it was a mistake, I can't do it anymore," I said to her calmly. I just didn't want to lose my best friend who already was her father.
she raised her head slowly and said coldly "okay, Uncle Amino. just don't chase me later."
I scoffed at her words, but she was right. I couldn't take her out of my mind.


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