A Debt to the Prince

Bella Frost Royal Romance

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**18 plus** Mature and steamy content inside

I gulped, clutching the pen in my hand. "Sign the damn contract" his voice low and commanding.

I shook my head slowly as my voice decided to betray me. "What would your father say after seeing the headlines tomorrow, I wonder" his cold eyes bore into my fearful ones.

The smirk he wore making him look dangerously handsome and his eyes challenged me.

And ladies and gentlemen, I signed my life away.

Moving in with a person was the last thing I would have ever wanted and yet here I was, being made to move in with the most arrogant, self centered and an egoistic bastard. Did I mention he so happens to be the prince and my brother's ex best friend? and apparently he calls this his sweet revenge!


Tags: BillionairePossessiveSecond ChanceArranged MarriageArrogantBadboyPrinceBossRoyaltyKingHeirDramaComedyDreameSeed2019BxG
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