Being His Fake Girlfriend

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He got up, “it’s really simply, be my fake girlfriend for the rest of the semester.”

“What’s in it for me?” I asked.

“Well Brittany, I’ll make sure no one bullies you and your friend”, he said.

“No one would ever believe we are dating”, I pointed out.

“Well we’ll just have to prove it muffin”, he winked.

“No falling in love, right?” I asked.

“That’s our number one rule”, he answered.

“Okay, one semester fake dating you? I’m in, but after all this is done I’ll be the one breaking up with you”, I stated.


Brittany Rogers was your typical high school junior year girl, good grades, quiet and has one real friend. The only problem was, she and her friend got bully by the school's typically queen bee, she carry mean to another level.

Zachary Grant, totally eye candy and was the school's golden boy, also the queen bee's ex. He can't stand the way his ex was treating other people especially Brittany and her friend so he offered her help.

What happens when the school's most popular guy asks the least popular girl to fake date him? Trouble that's for sure.

Not only do they have to convince the entire school, but Zachary's ex who doesn't look convince.

Will they succeed this also impossible mission?

Read to find out.


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