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Rosabella Rosalind Boneflare is the daughter of a powerful Alpha werewolf. As she hoped, contrary to that, she didn't get a wolf for herself and can not shift. The more interesting thing, she or anybody else has never seen her mother's wolf.

Not having a wolf doesn't let her feel any less of herself but she is f****d to marry the most powerful Alpha to ever exist. Her father takes the decision after the person she hates fills his ear about marrying her off so that she cannot rule the kingdom. The person who has only sent her weird, unwonted, and useless gifts on her birthdays.

Her soon-to-be husband is the one who had challenged the former Alpha King and took his place. Another interesting thing, she or anybody else has never seen his wolf. That is because Alpha Dargan is not someone she ever expected.

Alpha Dargan is the only Dragon known, and he wants to find his kind that was f****d to be hidden for the sake of a treaty signed years ago between Werewolves, Dragons and Sorcerers. He doesn't know if anyone is still alive but he won't ever stop searching. Moreover, his mother keeps him going, the only woman he ever listens to.

Where Rosabella wants to be the next Alpha of her kingdom, Dargan agrees to marry her for his own selfish purpose, as his mother guides him. He knows that Rosabella could be the key to reach his kind and show the werewolves their real place, as he knows her real identity.

They both experience many things that make the serpent in the flower basket unveil itself.
With so many complications among their own kind, and with their own motto in their hearts, will they find themselves falling for each other?

Since the time, Rosabella enters his territory, unexpected things start to happen and unexpected truths start coming out.
The first weird thing that happens... she is f****d to change even her name.

Follow to help Dargan and Rosabella find unknown secrets!



Tags: arranged marriagedominantkickass heroinewitch/wizardqueenweredragonbxgmysterymagical worlddragons
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