Remnants of Gods


Scarlett Strange Fantasy

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Book 1 of the Remnants Trilogy

"They used to call us Gods. Now they call us demons, monsters, abominations. But we are done hiding and we're done playing by their rules. It's time for a change."

Annabel has always wanted to be somebody who matters, somebody who can make a difference in the world. So when the opportunity knocks on her door, she is prepared to leave her life of luxury and security to fight for a dream that others consider impossible.

She joins the Ascendant Order, a group of individuals with extraordinary abilities like her who had sworn to put an end to the pursuit of others like them, to create a new world which would allow the Ascendants to live free. Even if that means destroying the old one.

But what Annabel is not prepared for is meeting the dark and mysterious William Larson and getting pulled into a cruel game of power, lies and betrayal. Torn between her feelings and her morals, she has to make a difficult choice yet again.

The thin line between good and bad blurs to a point that she could no longer tell them apart. As it seems, staying on the right path is hard when you can't see anything in the darkness.


Tags: darkindependentdramatwistedbxgfemale leadsecretssuperpowersupernaturalspecial ability
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Book 2 Teaser

    William shifted in the bed, enjoying the touch of the cool sheets. A smile found its way to his lips as he felt a warm hand sliding over his chest, a body pressing against his. He opened his eyes, turning to look at her. His heartbeat raced as he stared at the light brown hair falling over her naked back, her delicate han……