The Big 5


Neha Kanade Romance

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The term ‘big 5’ is normally a term used to describe 5 large animals in Africa. These 5 animals are known to be dangerous and difficult to hunt. In the Southern Africa Region, there exists another ‘big 5’; however, this group is not an animal. This group is powerful, rich, and dangerous. Like the ‘big 5’ this group of families is difficult to hunt and dangerous. This group of families runs the criminal underworld and the world in which they operate. 35 years ago the respective heads of the family met to discuss peace terms after years of war. The results of these talks resulted in the formation of ‘the big 5’. Years of peace were followed by prosperity as each family grew in power and wealth whilst also forming an interdependence amongst each other. From this however the most powerful and least dependent on the ‘big 5’ were the Molefe family. As years have gone by certain members of ‘ the big 5’ have begun to feel concerned that the Molefe family may become too powerful and cracks and tensions in the union have started to show.


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