Scarred and Loved


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“I’m so happy to see how much you love our son since you haven’t left his side in weeks,” his mom said as she entered the room. I gave her a small smile and resumed taking care of him.

“I can’t leave him, I love him and I want to be here when he wakes up,” I replied.

She looked at me with a sad smile. “We really appreciate it, but there’s no progress. The doctors said he might never wake up, they might have to disconnect him.”

“You can’t do that, you can’t give up on him. He’s your son, and we have to have faith that he will come back to us, please don’t let him go!” I hugged Mrs. Hudson hard, “I’m begging you, don’t give up on him!”

“Okay sweetheart, we won’t,” she said “we’ll keep fighting for him.”

Scarlett Ayala had it all. A great family, friends and intelligence. When a new neighbor moves in, she offers her friendship, not knowing that as years passed, it would all change. An altercation with the most popular girl in school, ends up with her getting physically scarred.

Samuel Hudson, the school star quarterback realizes that he should have never ended his friendship with Scarlett, meanwhile an accident puts to the test their friendship and love for each other.


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