Erya Suspense/Thriller

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It was so dark and cold
I am alive, but dead from ide, my life has been set by the puppeteers who moved my hands and feet according to their will.

I was trapped in a death hole, I tried to escape but i just found myself getting more and more mired

I was tired of this life, it was very difficult to breathe being under his power

The things i do,hurt people in most disturbing way
and there's I can do nothing but only be a subject to his demands by harming the others

my life was hollow, until I met her, she came into my life as a light diminishing the darkness around, the warmth that radiated from her captured my cold heart, she was the love that came in without warning she had my heart before i could say no.
She walked into my heart like she always belonged there and took down the walls i had created to feel any emotion.
I felt that I had been born again, and was blessed with happiness
But then everything turned worse, I put her life in danger, brought her into my dark life, made her to endure all the suffering, all the pain, it wasn't even her fault, but she had to experience all the miserable moment because of me

That is a small piece of my life,

" my forbidden life "


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