Lost In Love

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“ Breaking news! Echo Ivan, financial reporter: glamourous, intelligent, sharp, soon to be bride of wealthy financier Noah Christian. Our inside source has it that she is marrying the New York City bachelor for his vast international holdings and wealth! Why else would a girl from the outer-boroughs marry into the elite?”

“ Here we are, outside City Hall, where the couple is emerging from their civil marriage.”

The couple emerged from City Hall, surrounded by news reporters. Cornered by the microphones and cameras brandished by the media, Christian adjusted his tie to face the press:

“ Mr Noah!! Mr Noah!! Tell us: is Echo Ivan marrying you for your money?”

“ She studies the markets and all the indices. Of course she loves my money. Why should she go anywhere else? I love her and she loves my money! Is that enough for you?”


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Noah said he preferred living here. Later he told the driver to go back first, in case he felt bored in the village. They saw the driver off at the entrance of the door and when they went back, Noah took out the suitcase, opened it and said to her parents: “This is for you.”


Echo’s f……