Ungodly Resurrection


KaysKats Paranormal

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Sequel to Ungodly Inheritance
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One is Life. One is Death.
But Emma thinks she can be both. While busy juggling her new life as a mother, 'goddess lessons' with Bel, and her promise to visit her mother and sister in the human realm more frequently, Emma has decided to take on a side project. The resurrection of an old enemy, who she will either save, or together they will burn the world down.


Tags: revengesexpregnantbxgdeitysupernature earthwitchcraftrebirth/rebornsupernaturalspecial abilityRebirth Fiction Writing Contest
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Once she was life to balance Bel's death. And death where he was life. Now she is Chaos.
Emma became Corrupted after attempting a Resurrection and failed cleansing of the Stag's spirit. If only she'd paid better attention to Bel's lessons about Balance.……