Forgotten Nights With Mr. Compton (Boys of Chicago Series 3)

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Boys of Chicago Series #3

Quessandra Phoebe Collins was a prima ballerina. She was the most sought after and most famous of her generation. The younger ballerina wannabes all have her as their role model. But amidst her fame, she knows that something is missing. She is not totally happy because she couldn’t move on from her ex-boyfriend who left her to marry an heiress.

On her way to her operation revenge, she met Miller Compton, the heir to the Black-Compton Banks, who seemed to be very interested in her. He sent her a very enticing proposal that would help her accomplish her plan to get even with her ex-boyfriend so she accepted it not minding all the complications that it would cause.

Until she woke up one day, in a hospital bed, without remembering anything about her. And the only person with her is Damien. They said he's her husband. But then, she couldn’t remember him as well.

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Chapter 40

“Why are you leaving again?” Marie asked me with teary eyes.

I smiled. “I need to go away. I can’t find my peace here,” I told her as I fixed my passport and my plane ticket.

Marie looked at me sternly and sadly before sighing. “What about Miller?” she asked.

I smiled weakly and looked away. “He’ll be fine…” I replied for ce……